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Nickname: kelly-bundy

Location: Zürich (Zürich), Switzerland

Zodiac: Leo

SHOEs: made for walkin
Shoe size 6

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Member since: Sep 16 14
Last login: Nov 29 18
lewaw on Mar 25 15, 12:34

hey there :-)  
Oli81 on Mar 23 15, 22:18

Fercas on Mar 23 15, 14:46

Good chating with you. :-)  
thumbsup on Feb 18 15, 11:49

Here is a song for you :) 
thumbsup on Feb 18 15, 11:49

Thank you thank you thank you for the LOVELY birthday wish! you are one of a kind!! and even if you were late , you still wished me :) thank you for that 
thumbsup on Jan 20 15, 16:44

hahaha well i am back online !! weeeeee see u online soon :-) 
thumbsup on Jan 19 15, 20:18

Greetings from India - Anamika :-) 
Schokolinchen on Jan 07 15, 12:40

:-) :-)  
jenrisse1219 on Dec 30 14, 18:24

i want to be your girlfriend :) hahahah 
neka on


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